April 2020

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis the boys in PEAK hope you are all well and safe.

The limited first run of “Ebondazzar” sold out in January so we have just taken delivery of a new batch. Take advantage of the bundled pack of “Ebondazzar” and “Slizdexics Untie” in the Music section of this site. Be kind to each other, be safe, stay indoors when you can and see you on the other side….

January 2020

Happy New Year to our PEAK family.

We have almost sold out of our December 2019 remastered “Ebondazzar” run. Thank you for all the amazing feedback on this and our new release “Slizdexics Untie”. New copies of this are coming soon and will be available at the top of the planet through our UK distributor.

November 2019

You don’t have to wait until Christmas – online orders for the remastered Ebondazzar and the new LP Slizdexics Untie are now available on The Music section of this site.

October 2019

PEAK worldwide release of their second LP Slizdexics Untie, almost 40 years after releasing their seminal debut LP “Ebondazzar”.

August 2019

PEAK in the process of remastering Ebondazzar for release later in 2019.

PEAK have completed the remaster of “Ebondazzar” and are now taking pre-orders for Customers in Australia and New Zealand.

PEAK are finalising a worldwide distribution agreement in the UK and will offer both releases outside Australasia in November – watch this space for contact details.